Sunday, 31 October 2010

#17 NPCs

“Here e’ comes, make ready.”
“Alright I know. It’s only a line, it’s not like we actually have anything else to do except stand here and look rustic.”
“Sush! e’s here!”
“Noble peasants hail! I am Vortigen the Revenger. The land groans under the yoke of the evil Vortigrax, quick can’st tell me the hidden path to his fortress?”
“Aar well you don’t want to be startin’ from ‘ere. Ow!”
“Don’t mind him milor’ he’s a bit simple like. Straight on, right as the path bends through the Darkling wood, left past the Direwolf’s lair an’ it be right in front of ‘ee.”
“My thanks to you good man and to your er simple friend. Away now Lightcloud!”
“What I have told you about improvising?”
“Well there was no need to hit me …”
“’Only a line, you said, ‘all we’ve got to do’ you said… ”

Sunday, 17 October 2010

#16 Night Sky

The mysteries of the heart are like the deeps of space, untold and fathomless. Love explodes like the birth pangs of a star, or blinks out in a moment, leaving only the void. Yet most just decay slowly, until, like the light from a distant sun, we glimpse only a remnant from a thousand years ago.